*Paul Picot is a registered trademark of Société des montres Paul Picot S.A.

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Model HIRSCH-Product
Atelier 1200 Marrakech London
PP1200 – P3058.SGD.7201 London
PP1200 – P7011.20.731 London
Atelier Classic London
Atelier Régulateur Baron
Atelier Régulateur Classic – P3051.SG.8201 Baron
Atelier Squelette – P3390.RG.7204 Baron
Atelier Tourbillon – P3389.WG.7203 Baron
Atelier Classic – P3351.SG.8209 London
Atelier Classic 42mm – P3351.RG.3204 London
Atelier Classique Ardoise – P3351.RG.3604 London
Atelier Emaille – P3351.SG.1001 London
Atelier Emaille – P3351.YG. SERPENTE London
Atelier Classique 33mm – P4016.20.731 London
Atelier Classique 33mm – P4048.20.363 London
Atelier Décentré 33mm – P4016.84.1D04 London
Atelier Décentré 33mm – P4016.84.3D04 London
Atelier PP 1200 35mm – P7010.20.733 London
Chrono Lemania London
Firshire Ronde Regulateur London
Firshire Tonneau 2000 Avant Garde London
Firshire Tonneau 3000 Rétrograde London
Firshire Ronde Megarotor Big Date – P0475.SG.2601 London
Firshire Ronde Megarotor Classic – P0451.SG.8601 London
Firshire Ronde Megarotor Regulateur – P0481.SRG.1021.8604 London
Firshire Ronde Megarotor Day Date – P0453.SRG.1231.5604 London
Firshire Ronde Megarotor Moon Phase – P0459.SG.1021.7601 London
Firshire 3000 Regulateur – P0740.SG.2314 London
Firshire 3000 Regulateur Limited Edition – P0740.SG.3003 London
Firshire 3000 Regulateur Limited Edition – P0740.SG.3011 London
Firshire 3000 Regulateur Limited Edition – P0740.SG.3311 London
Firshire 3000 Secondes Retrograde – P0773.SG.1413 London
Firshire 3000 Classique – P0751.SG.3308 London
Firshire 3000 Classique – P0751.SG.3115 London
Firshire 3000 Classique – P0751.SG.2108 London
Firshire Ronde Auto Extra Flat – P3754.SG.4601 London
Firshire Ronde Auto Extra Flat – P3754.SG.7601 London
Firshire Ronde Manual – P3710.SG.2601 London
Firshire Ronde Manual – P3710.SG.7601 London
Firshire Ronde Retrograde – P7053.20.731 London
Firshire Ronde Retrograde – P7053.84.334 London
Firshire Ronde Autodate – P7047.20D32.371 London
Firshire Ronde Regulateur – P7042.20.373 London
Firshire Ronde Limited Edition – P0440.SG.3011 London
Firshire Ronde Chronodate – P7046.84.334 London
Firshire Ronde Chronodate – P0434.SG.7601 London
Gentlemen Chrono Mondphase – P2033.RG.7204E London
Gentleman Quanticolor – P2134Q.SG.7401; P2134Q.SG.8401 London
Gentleman Tricompass – P2030.SG.7401 London
Gentleman Arc en Ciel – P2052.SG.3601E London
Gentleman Tachymeter – P2127.SG.3301 London
Gentleman Tachymeter – P2127.SG.1106 London
Gentleman Chrono GMT – P2031.RG.3604 London
Gentleman Chrono GMT – P2031.SG.2108 London
Gentleman Regulateur – P4114.20.381 London
Gentleman Chrono Date – P2034.SG.3108 London
Gentleman Chronograph – P7056.20.733 London
Gentleman Chronograph – P7056.20.384 Connoisseur
Gentleman Chronograph – P7056.20.181 London
Gentleman Chronograph – P7056.20.353 Baron
Gentleman Classique 42mm – P2051.SG.7601 London
Majestic Reserve de Marche – P0577.WG.7603 Earl
Majestic Reserve de Marche – P0577.SG3108 Earl
Majestic Reserve de Marche – P0577.SG.2108 London
Majestic Chronograph – P0533.WG.7603 London
Regulateur London
Repetition Minutes – P7037.84.734 Earl
Rattrapante 42mm – P7019.82.713 Capitano
Technicum – P7018G90.771 London
New Technicum – P3813.RG.1601 Baron
Technograph 44 London
Technograph 44mm – P0334.RG.7404 London
Tourbillon 42mm – P3389.RG.7D03 London
Technograph Wild Schiefer Baron
Technograph Bicolor 44mm – P0334.SRG.3404 London
Technograph Wild – P0334-2Q.WGD.L1D01 Diamond Calf
Technograph Wild – P0334-2Q.SG.L9201 Diamond Calf
Regulateur 42mm – P3340.SG.3201 London
Regulateur 42mm – P3340.SG.8209 London
Regulateur 40mm – P7012.20.363 Heavy Calf
Yachtman 3 Bicolor – P1127.SRG.2604 Hevea
Yachtman 3 Auto Classic – P1151.SGN.3614 Hevea
Yachtman 3 Chrono – P1127NBS.SG.3680 Accent
Yachtman 3 Bicolor – P1127.SRG.1604 Accent
PP1200 – P3058.SGD.7201 London
PP 1200 40mm – P7011.20.731 London
PP 1200 40mm – P7011.84.734 London

*Paul Picot is a registered trademark of Société des montres Paul Picot S.A.
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